Art Program Objective


The art program is designed to provide a creative amenity for the residents and visitors to the building and be asset for the village by complementing the environment with points of interest and improving the experience of those that venture to Sun Peaks. It also aims to improve the overall value of the asset.

Some examples of the individual elements -

Sunshadow and Moonshadow (Carved cedar logs)


These two elements are carved second growth western red cedar logs which will stand adjacent the front building at the corner. They are positioned vertically and will be related to a selected rock to provide a group of 3 elements. They vary in diameter from 25-27" and in height from 9-13' and will be mounted on concrete bases.





The Kookaburra Sculpture


This carved element is to be positioned outside the proposed restaurant location at the west end of the building on a grassed terrace to provide a point of focus for the restaurant guests. It will be carved out of recovered flood cedar debris and the maquette is being refined to enable this to be commenced shortly.